Ambai Sarvodaya Sangh

Ambai Sarvodaya Sangh - Attainments


The production capacity of Cotton Khadi i Rs.150.00 lakhs and that of Silk Khadi is Rs.120.00 lakhs and that of  V.I. is 1300.00 lakhs. The Sanghs AGARBATHY PRODUCTS AND JAVADHU POWDER gained nation wide  recognition.

As the mark of its nationwide recognition the Sangh has received the "National Award -2006," for Excellence in the field of Khadi and Village Industries" conferred by Government India, Ministry of Agro & Rural Industries, and Khadi and Village Industries Commission.

Further more, we are producing and selling Agarbathy varieties of export quality also and the product are according to the taste and nature of the consumer. Agarbathies namely Flora Agarbathies is now fast moving and same are available nearly in 20 different kind of fragrance. The price of the agarbathies is in varying blocks from Rs.10.00 to Rs. 20.00 according to the fragrance.

The product JAVADHU POWDER is consists of natural herbal ingredients mainly Sandal wood oil and powder and so gives enchanting fragrance and refreshment throughout the day, after using and applying on neck , fore hands etc. This Javadhu Powder has gained popularity in India and hence our production of the same is touched the peek of Rs.5, 00, 00,000.00. Although, we are not exporting directly. Our Javadhu Powder has reached foreign countries and we are receiving enquiries thereon.